100 of the Worst Ideas in History: Humanity's Thundering by Michael N. Smith

By Michael N. Smith

What have been they thinking?

Ever because Adam snacked at the forbidden fruit and was once chased bare out of the backyard of Eden, mankind has bitten off a bevy of undesirable ideas.

From skinny-dipping Presidents to poisonous enamel fillings to making a song pop stars who can't hold a music, 100 of the Worst rules in History is a party of humanity's historical—and usually hysterical—missteps that experience all started wars, sunk nations, wrecked businesses, scuttled careers, misplaced thousands, or even endangered the Earth.


• How a stressed chauffeur helped commence global struggle I

• Who grew to become down the best product placement chance in Hollywood history

• How a Chicago White Sox video game helped hasten the death of disco

• The toad that just about ate Australia

• the main risky children's video game ever invented

• And a lot more (of loads less!)

Spanning politics, popular culture, type, activities, expertise, and extra, this irreverent and witty ebook is full of enjoyable photographs and sidebars, tracing how those thundering brainstorms became blundering mind farts—and the spectacular affects our pretend pas and foibles nonetheless have on us at the present time.

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And a chorus of citizen onlookers grooves to the beat before the hoods are hauled off to the hoosegow. Prepare to wretch. You’ve just witnessed the wonder—and the blunder—of Cop Rock. from bad Banking on Bochco’s success with iconic TV shows such as Hill Street Blues, NBC executives put aside their reservations about the celebrated producer’s odd musical-crime-drama concept and order thirteen Cop Rock episodes for the 1990 primetime schedule. dumb On September 26, the show premieres—and its praises go unsung.

Rockets past Star Wars to become the highestgrossing film of its time, Reese’s Pieces sales blast off. Hershey’s Jack Dowd calls the placement “the biggest marketing coup in history. T. blunder, vows never to miss another high-flying placement opportunity. S. space shuttle astronauts eat M&M’s on subsequent missions. And on Spaceship One, the first privately financed manned space project, M&M’s float colorfully around the weightless cabin. after With the legendary success of Reese’s Pieces, the product placement industry soon enters hyperspace.

Soon, the pop group Milli Vanilli is born. One problem: Neither Rob nor Fab can sing. To cover that rather glaring deficiency, Farian secretly hires professional vocalists to record all Milli Vanilli songs—and directs Rob and Fab to lip-synch to these recordings whenever performing live. from bad Milli Vanilli takes off like a hip-hopping missile. Then, just as quickly, the missile explodes. At a 1989 MTV live concert, Rob and Fab are lip-synching and gyrating to their monster hit “Girl You Know It’s True” when the recording skips—forcing them to repeat the same line of the song over and over.

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