A Brief History of Misogyny - The World's Oldest Prejudice by Jack Holland

By Jack Holland

During this compelling, robust e-book, the past due Irish journalist and essayist Jack Holland got down to resolution a frightening query: how do you clarify the oppression and brutalization of part the world's inhabitants through the opposite part, all through background? the result's an eye-opening trip via centuries, continents and civilizations because it appears to be like at either ancient and modern attitudes to girls. Misogyny encompasses the Church, witch hunts, sexual idea, Nazism, pro-life campaigners, and eventually, modern constructing global, the place girls are more and more and disproportionately in danger due to radicalized non secular ideals, famine, struggle, and disorder. broadly researched, hugely readable and provocative, this booklet chronicles an historical, pervasive and enduring injustice. The questions it poses take care of the basics of human life — intercourse, love, violence — that experience formed the lives of people all through heritage, and eventually limn an abuse of human rights on an almost unthinkable scale.

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Upon entering the darkened interior, one’s attention was arrested by the statue of a young woman in a blue mantle, a halo of stars around her head, her pale, dainty feet trampling on the head of a writhing serpent. The serpent’s forked tongue was thrust out menacingly from a garish red, gaping mouth. ’ (Revelations 20:2). A woman who was a virgin had vanquished the Devil through her purity, which was unassailable in its perfection. We were made to understand that the evil over which she stood in triumph, and for which she was exalted, was the evil of the flesh, of lust, the desire to commit unmentionable acts.

Men’s fascination with warrior women has a long history, from Classical Athens to today’s comic book heroine Wonder Woman and professional women wrestlers. The Amazons are like these wrestlers in that their combat is fantasy. But for men the fascination, edged with anxiety, is real. Among the Athenians, it reached obsessive proportions. Representations of battles between men and Amazons are among the most popular depictions of women in Antiquity. 20 They decorate everything from temples to vases and drinking bowls.

In Aeschylus’ Agamemnon, Clytemnestra takes a lover when her husband sails for Troy; she assumes state power and murders him when he returns. In Sophocles’ Electra, Agamemnon’s daughter goads her hesitating brother Orestes into revenging their father’s death by murdering their mother Clytemnestra. Antigone is the story of a woman who defies her uncle Creon, the king, to bury her brother, when he has forbidden it on pain of death. She pays for her rebellion by being walled up alive. Euripides’ The Bacchae tells how the women worshippers of the orgiastic wine-god Dionysus are transformed into Amazons.

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