A Companion to the Hellenistic World (Blackwell Companions by Andrew Erskine

By Andrew Erskine

Overlaying the interval from the dying of Alexander the good to the prestigious defeat of Antony and Cleopatra by the hands of Augustus, this authoritative better half explores the area that Alexander created yet didn't dwell to work out.

  • Comprises 29 unique essays through top foreign scholars.
  • Essential studying for classes on Hellenistic history.
  • Combines narrative and thematic methods to the period.
  • Draws at the very most recent research.
  • Covers a vast diversity of themes, spanning political, spiritual, social, monetary and cultural history.

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It is not merely that they are contemporary but that in reading the text of an inscription we are faced with the participants and their concerns in a very direct way. Obscure cities come to life, both in their local preoccupations and occasionally, more alarmingly, as they are drawn into the conflicts of the powerful. The city of Teos on the coast of Asia Minor hnishes us with a good number of such documents. Here we fmd inscribed the regulations for a school which has been established with money donated by Polythros, a prominent local citizen; the teachers will include a kithara-player to teach the children music and the school interestingly provides for the education of both boys and girls (S1G3 578; Austin 120).

Other archives allow similar studies (Lewis 1986). Papyri offer a valuable point of access to the world of native Egyptians. Not only are Egyptians a common presence in the Greek papyri that survive but there are also a substantial number of documents written in a script of Egyptian known as demotic. Especially in the early years of Ptolemaic rule Egyptians would often use demotic as the appropriate language for contracts and other transactions among themselves, though that gradually gave way to the language of the Greek rulers (D.

Increasing interest in Hellenistic literature, philosophy and art in their own right suggests that this is changing, perhaps in part as a result of the recent decline of traditional Classics, but also because academics, however categorized, are asking different questions about both present and past. On the simplest level the Hellenistic period is defined and bounded by political events. Alexander’s conquest of the sprawling Persian empire marks the beginning, but his premature death in 323 BC was followed by the fragmentation of his possessions as leading figures in the Macedonian military struggled for control.

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