A Grammar of Maybrat: A Language of the Bird’s Head by Philomena Dol

By Philomena Dol

Maybrat is a Papuan language that's spoken within the crucial quarter of the Bird's Head Peninsula , Papua Province , Indonesia . even though it really is one of many better neighborhood languages in Papua Province by way of numbers of audio system, a accomplished grammar in this language has hitherto now not been published.

This booklet goals to offer an summary of the phonology, morphology and sy n tax of the Maybrat language because it is spoken by way of the folk of Ayawasi. preferably, this paintings can be utilized as a reference grammar: it offers information regarding crucial structural and typological features of Maybrat. With this in brain, the grammar is stuffed with illustrative examples concentrated round contrasts in shape and which means, that are mentioned within the textual content.

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21 22 23 him to make generalisations about the realisation of the semivowels in unstressed positions, I only found stress to be weakly phonemic. Admittedly the forms mentioned as homophones are suspicious, but elaborate acoustic and perceptual experiments did not result in a verifiable difference between the members of each pair (see Chapter 3, footnote 3). The sequence /wC/ is very uncommon. 2). Alternatively, word-initially and word-medially, the pairs /y/ and /i/, and the pairs /w/ and /u/ can be analysed as being in complementary distribution, as the distinctive minimal pairs given above are not fully airtight: some informants were unsure whether the forms marked ‘*’ in (7)–(9) were incorrect.

1 In the examples in this chapter I have not given morpheme boundaries, because they are irrelevant for the present discussion. 1 Phonemes There are five vocalic phonemes and eleven consonantal phonemes. The phonemes are presented between slashes ‘/ /’, and the allophones of each phoneme between square brackets ‘[ ]’. 1 on inalienably possessed nouns. 14 Phonology 15 word-final position are presented. In the phonetic forms, main stress is marked by ‘ » ’ preceding the syllable, and secondary stress, if heard, by ‘«’ preceding the syllable.

1). Phonology [N] voiced velar nasal [«ajaNk´»re] /aya mkre/ [ANk´»re] /amkre/ [A»Nkafu] /amkafu/ [si»Nkis] /simkis/ 23 ‘tributary’ (< aya ‘water’; kre ‘branch’) ‘sago leaf’ ( < a ‘liana’,11 kre ‘branch’) ‘merremia cf. o. 4). The velar nasal assimilates to the following velar stop resulting in a homorganic cluster. 1) which was affixed to the second member of the compound. A similar instance of a form with a possible remnant of an unmarked subject prefix is [»mpair] ‘place’ in which the subject prefix and the following stop are also homorganic.

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