Achievable positioning accuracies in a network of GNSS by Dabove, Paolo; Manzino, Ambrogio; De Agostino, Mattia

By Dabove, Paolo; Manzino, Ambrogio; De Agostino, Mattia

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In the followings, these strategies are described together with the performance evaluation. 27 High Sensitivity Techniques for GNSS Signal Acquisition Fig. 12. 1 Joint data/pilot acquisition strategies The correlation process performs on both channels to produce R B,m and RC,m (5). After that, these correlation values are combined as follows: • Dual Channel (DC): This strategy sums the square envelopes from the two channels, see Fig. 12(a). The decision variable is SDCK = M M m =1 m =1 ∑ (| RB , m|2 + | RC,m |2 ) = ∑ (|SB,m |2 + |SC,m |2 ) (50) • (B×C): In this strategy [see Fig.

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B) Fig. 8. e. full 20-ms acquisition) and f¯d = 250 Hz for the other techniques. High for GNSSSensitivity Signal AcquisitionTechniques for GNSS Signal Acquisition High Sensitivity Techniques 23 21 Fig. 9. 2 Acquisition procedure • Step 1 - Preliminary fast detection of the strongest PRN In this step, the FFT-based circular correlation stage is used to quickly detect the best PRN selected on the basis of the predicted C/N0 and elevation.

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