Advanced Surveillance by Peter Jenkins

By Peter Jenkins

This education guide covers all features of engaging in a actual covert surveillance as a way to assemble intelligence and facts.

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The last thing you want to do is leave your car to carry out a foot surveillance on a wet ano winoy day when you have forgotten to take a jacket or coat with you. you will be the only one in the street getting wet and consequenfly stand out in the crowd. I ln a similar manner, you should dress for the occasion if at special events. on a recent surveillance at a trade fair, the surveillance team all wore business suits because that was the dress of the day in order to fit and blend in. Jeans and trainers or casual dress would not have been acceptable in this instance.

Can you move in and out safely? You will need to move in and out of this position without attracting attention or curiosity. Remember, for everything that we do in surveillance, we have to act natural and have a reason for being there. TRIGGERS FOR A MOBILE SURVEILLANCE Together with the street plan opposite, we can look at the various trigger positions open to us. The scenario is that we would expect the target to teave ine house by the front door, depart on foot or get into his vehicle and go mobile.

A cheap VHF transmitler was concealed in the foyer of the f/ats which transmitted the sounds of peop/e wa/king down the stairs and using the main doors. We were ab/e to hsten n andpul the leam on 'standby'every time we heard the main doorslam shut. Thrs provided us with the extra lime we needed to put a footman in position to cover lhe exiI, n order to check and confirm the target /eavng. A similar system can be used whereby a signal being transmitted to a receiver will warn of a vehicle being started.

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