AFTER SECULARIZATION by The Hedgehog Review, Spring & Summer 2006 Volume Eight

By The Hedgehog Review, Spring & Summer 2006 Volume Eight Numbers One & Two

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Versuchungen: Geschlechtszirkel und Gegenkultur

Dr. Ilse Modelmog ist Hochschullehrerin für Soziologie an der Universität Oldenburg.

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30 I s europe an e x ceptional case ? / davie here immigration has been largely from the Maghreb, as a result of which France has by far the largest Muslim community in Europe (between 5 and 6 million)—an almost entirely Arab population. Rightly or wrongly, “Arab” and “Muslim” have become interchangeable terms in popular parlance in France. Britain and France can be compared in other ways as well— Rightly or wrongly, “Arab” an exercise that provokes some interesting questions, among and “Muslim” have become them the tensions between democracy and tolerance.

Europe as ever is far from homogeneous. 13 The cartoons were first published in the autumn of 2005 and reprinted in many parts of Europe in the early months of 2006. ” 32 I s europe an e x ceptional case ? / davie Concluding Remarks Several things are happening simultaneously in the religious life of Europe. The fact that they are occurring at the same time is partly a coincidence—each, however, encourages the other. The historic churches, despite their continuing presence, are losing their capacity to discipline the religious thinking of large sections of the population (especially the young).

6 But we should not confuse supply and demand measures. What matters for testing the secularization thesis is not the range of spiritual offerings being purveyed but the numbers who take them up and the spirit in which they do so. 5 Régis Debray, God: An Itinerary (London: Verso, 2004) 259. 6 Christopher Partridge, The Re-Enchantment of the West, vol. 1 (Edinburgh: Clark, 2004). 39 T he H edgehog R eview / S pring & S U mmer 0 6 Table 1. Experience and Salience of the New Age, Scotland 2001 Horoscopesa % Divinationb % Yoga or Meditation % Alternative Medicinec % Very important 1 2 3 5 Quite important 4 4 7 15 Not very important 21 13 9 20 Not at all important 15 11 4 5 Never tried 59 70 78 55 Note: Sample size for this table was 1,605.

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