Aid, Peacebuilding and the Resurgence of War: Buying Time in by S. Holt

By S. Holt

As considered one of South Asia’s oldest democracies Sri Lanka is a severe case to check the bounds of a liberal peace, peacebuilding and exterior engagement within the payment of civil wars. This e-book is based on 9 years of study, and greater than a hundred interviews with these tormented by the struggle, NGOs, and native and foreign elites engaged within the peace process. A serious evaluate of peacebuilding and the impression of financial restoration programmes at the peace technique in Sri LankaTimely research – coming one and a part years after the battle resulted in Sri Lanka.Based on over 9 years of designated learn and over a hundred interviewsA serious evaluation of the liberal peace thesisAddresses hole within the literature on peacebuilding - assessing the effect of peacebuilding-type programmes at the floor and hard the common assumption that those actions hyperlink to peace.Includes a first-hand account of the placement in Sri Lanka throughout the ceasefire within the war-affected district of demeanour

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84 With the Western bias of the two previous approaches to peace, this area provides an opportunity to redress the imbalance somewhat. The Quaker Peace Movement, the Mennonite Conciliations Service and latterly the International Conciliation Service are major contributors to the pacifist non-violent peace discourse. The Quaker and Mennonite faiths share many of the same values and ideas,85 and have both been involved in track-two diplomacy during conflict. There are also smaller localised multi-denominational groups which have attempted to bridge sides during war, led by secular local leaders, as well as priests and holy men.

In the following discussion the biases of interpretation and sampling are outlined including: the relationship between the research and the researcher; the limitations of using an interpreter; researching the activities of organisations involved in peacebuilding; and researching in violently divided societies. The ethical considerations of the research are also considered. Research/researcher relationship Unlike experimental type research, where the researcher attempts to control the research setting and context as well as the interaction between the researcher and the researched, it is recognised that the researcher cannot control interactions that take place during the research process.

50 These conditions rely on an independent judiciary, free speech, franchise and an active civil society. It is these ‘cultural or institutional structures that coincide with democratic governance’ which are the structures for peace referred to in Galtung’s (1975) essay and which form the building blocks of peacebuilding. Peacebuilding, an exercise predominantly funded by so-called ‘liberal democracies’, is greatly influenced by their principles. The definitions 28 Aid, Peacebuilding and the Resurgence of War provided by the UN, the World Bank and the EU, demonstrate a commitment to the ‘democratic peace’ thesis.

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