Alexander the Great by Demi

By Demi

Born a prince of Macedonia in 356 BCE, Alexander the nice turned one of many maximum army leaders of all time. He conquered the full Persian Empire, defeating King Darius III 4 occasions. He invaded India, defeating a seven-foot-tall Indian king and increasing the limits of his empire into such a lot of Asia. Brutal in his force for strength, Alexander maintained supremacy by means of forcing his infantrymen to marry the foreigners that they conquered. He gathered a big fortune through plundering the riches of his enemies and married international princesses, one in every of them King Darius III's daughter. by the point of his loss of life at age thirty-two, Alexander had conquered lots of the identified old Greek international, a striking success in just twelve years.Demi's storytelling talents convey Alexander the Great's exploits to lifestyles. Her best illustrations have been painted with chinese language inks and gold overlays and with frames encouraged by means of jewels from the tomb of Philip II of Macedonia at Verghina. An Author's observe describing Demi's learn and resource fabric is incorporated.

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And he did all of this in only twelve years!

And he did all of this in only twelve years!

33 34 That same winter Alexander took Pasargadae, the former capital of Persia. Built by Cyrus the Great, this was the place where all great kings were crowned. ” 35 36 Next Alexander set fire to the royal palaces of Persepolis, destroying the last of the Persian Empire. Now Alexander was not only a great conqueror, he was also very rich from the spoils he had gained from all his victories. 37 King Darius III, meanwhile, had taken refuge in the gold and silver palace in Ecbatana. Determined to win back land and power, Darius III created a new army of 33,000 soldiers, but many of his men deserted him.

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