Animal Liberation by Peter Singer

By Peter Singer

• The ebook That all started A Revolution •
Since its unique e-book in 1975, this groundbreaking paintings has woke up hundreds of thousands of involved women and men to the stunning abuse of animals everywhere--inspiring a world flow to get rid of a lot of the tough and pointless laboratory animal experimentation of years prior. during this newly revised and extended variation, writer Peter Singer exposes the chilling realities of today's "factory forms" and product-testing procedures--offering sound, humane strategies to what has turn into a profound environmental and social in addition to ethical factor. an incredible and persuasive attract sense of right and wrong, equity, decency and justice, Animal Liberation is key studying for the supporter and the skeptic alike.

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It may be objected that comparisons of the sufferings of differ­ ent species are impossible to make and that for this reason when the interests of animals and humans clash the principle of equal­ ity gives no guidance. It is probably true that comparisons of suf­ fering between members of different species cannot be made pre­ cisely, but precision is not essential. Even if we were to prevent the infliction of suffering on animals only when it is quite certain that the interests of humans will not be affected to anything like the extent that animals are affected, we would be forced to make A L L A N I M A L S A R E E QU A L 17 radical changes in our treatment of animals that would involve our diet, the farming methods we use, experimental procedures i n many fields of science, our approach to wildlife and to hunt­ ing, trapping and the wearing of furs, and areas of entertainment like circuses, rodeos, and zoos.

The monkeys in this experiment had been operating the platform "at least weekly" for a minimum of two years and had received various drugs and low doses of suman before, but not within the previ­ ous six weeks. The experimenters calculated the doses of soman that would be sufficient to reduce the monkeys' ability to operate the plat­ form. For the calculation to be made, of course, the monkeys would have been receiving electric shocks because of their inabil­ ity to keep the platform level. Although the report is mostly con­ cerned with the effect of the nerve poison on the performance level of the monkeys, it does give some insight into other effects of chemical weapons: 28 A N I M A L L I B E R AT I O N The subject was completely incapacitated on the day follow­ ing the last exposure, displaying neurological symptoms in­ cluding gross incoordination, weakness, and intention trem­ or.

The nervous systems of animals evolved as our own did, and in fact the evolu­ tionary history of human beings and other animals, especially mammals, did not diverge until the central features of our nerv­ ous systems were already in existence. A capacity to feel pain ob­ viously enhances a species' prospects of survival, since it causes members of the species to avoid sources of injury. It is surely un­ reasonable to suppose that nervous systems that are virtually identical physiologically, have a common origin and a common evolutionary function, and result in similar forms of behavior in similar circumstances should actually operate in an entirely dif­ ferent manner on the level of subjective feelings.

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