Apes, Angels, and Victorians;: The Story of Darwin, Huxley, by William Irvine, Sir Julian Huxley

By William Irvine, Sir Julian Huxley

Nice minds -- round whom the highbrow holocaust of the 19th century revolved -- are on the heart of this impressive examine, a portrait in choked with the boys and the period which gave start to the speculation of evolution. the 2 minds are Charles Darwin and Thomas Huxley, and this e-book is a skillful mix of historical past and biography.

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Macgillivray now pleaded pathetically to see his daughter and grandchildren, for the women of the island had been hidden away. The old man, after many pledges of secrecy, finally took the two white men to the family, who received them with a mixture of awe and affection. Forty years ology and animism campaign against demontold of this lesson in human later, in his in the Bible, Huxley 22 credulity at length. His diary of the voyage contains no systematic account of native life. knew no lacked the training to write such an account.

One could be paid for classical knowledge but, only in rare instances, for scientific knowledge. The classics were necessary to the cultivation 26 A Prophet in His Own Country 2-7 of gentlemen and the manufacture of clerics, but science was essential only to a few rather vulgar and utilitarian professions. Therefore it remained in large degree, whom amateurs, of There and and football, the pursuit of was the most famous. no chance of living by science. I have There are not more than four or five in London which a Zoologist or a Comparative Anatomist can hold is [Huxley writes been loth to believe offices like cricket Sir Charles Lyell live by.

In a discussion of tragedy Spencer's name was mentioned. " exclaimed Huxley, In ". . moved to St. '* 12 John's Wood to be near Huxley* continued to intercede with eminent Spencer's idea of a tragedy is up to an apparently acquiescent prime Navy remained inflexible in ambiguity. It granted Huxley two more periods of six months* leave, recognizing that he should not be available for further duty until his book was in Huxley's behalf minister, and still the Royal A Prophet in His Own 31 Country published, but firmly refused to provide the publication money which would render him available.

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