Apocalyptic messianism and contemporary Jewish-American by R. Barbara Gitenstein

By R. Barbara Gitenstein

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There’s the poverty of the cockroach state and the rusted bathroom bowl
The poverty of to thieve nutrients for the 1st time
The poverty of to mouth a penis for a paycheck
The poverty of candy charity ladling
Soup for the terrible who should always be there for that
There’s the poverty of thought poverty of the swollen abdominal shamed
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Princes of predation allow me inform you
There are poverties and there are poverties

There’s the poverty of inexpensive baggage bursted open at immigration
The poverty of the became head, the avoided eyes
The poverty of bored intercourse of tormented sex
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There’s the poverty of prescriptions who can afford
And the poverty of ways may you ever finish it
There is the poverty of stones fisted in pocket
And the poverty of the village bulldozed to rubble
Princes of weaponry who've by no means tasted war
There are poverties and there are poverties
There’s the poverty of wages stressed for the funeral you
Can’t get to the poverty of the wage cut
There’s the poverty of human exertions provided silently at the curb
The poverty of the no-contact legal visit
There’s the poverty of backyard sale scrapings unfold
And rejected the poverty of eviction, marriage ceremony mattress out on street
Prince allow me inform you who won't ever examine via phrases
There are poverties and there are poverties

You who shuttle through deepest jet like a housefly
Buzzing with the opposite flies of plundered poverties
Princes and courtiers who won't ever study via words
Here’s a replicate you could check out: take it: it’s yours.

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In the 1960s, this growth began to decline, but did not revert to pre-World War II numbers. 13 Furthermore, the growth in academic studies that are primarily Jewish (such as Holocaust courses, Yiddish language and literature courses, Hebrew language courses), indicates another population of Americans who are searching for a Jewish identity. Coinciding with the growth in other ethnic studies programs, Jewish-American studies programs and courses of the 1970s developed into a forum for personal identification that the college-age population seemed to crave.

The Messiah, according to Jewish legend, is eternal; he existed prior to creation, but he must wait until his appointed time to reappear on earth. In Bird's Nest, a refuge in Eden, he awaits his call in meditation and sorrow. Because the wait for the Messiah was painful, there arose in the Jewish tradition a rich esoterica for calculating the messianic advent. There also developed a tradition in kabbalah of manipulating these speculations and a special gnosis characteristic of the apocalyptic symbolism used to hasten the coming of Messiah.

The study of these writers, then, functions to open the canon, to establish a more accurate vision of Jewish-American literature. Page 9 Two other facets to this review are the variety and value of the poets discussed. In James Vinson's 1980 Contemporary Poets dictionary, all but three of the poets analyzed here at any length are included. Two of the three not included are women (which should not go unnoticed), women who have been associated with the Tree Book small press in California and its editors, Jerome Rothenberg, David Meltzer, and Jack Hirschman (these women are Susan Mernit and Rose Drachler).

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