HTML Manual of Style: A Clear, Concise Reference for by Larry Aronson

By Larry Aronson

If it’s for the net, this booklet may also help you create it…faster, smarter, larger! Don’t accept canned templates or boilerplate designs! Take keep an eye on, with the vintage advisor to HTML internet authoring…now thoroughly revised for the most recent recommendations and shortcuts, together with HTML5!

Build it right…

* Well-planned and well-organized
* effortless to navigate
* enjoyable to learn, view, and use
* seek engine-friendly and findable
* trustworthy and consistent
* effortless to replace and maintain
* suitable with any browser

Build it all…

* web pages and pages
* Wiki articles
* internet prone and ecommerce
* eBay pages
* weblog posts
* HTML email
* and masses more!

Contains speedy reference courses to HTML components and CSS properties–including the latest HTML5 and CSS3 improvements!

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Html">Our New Catalog The title element provides the title that appears in the top of the window. It is valid only inside the head element. Like most head elements, it cannot contain any nested elements. The other two markup examples can appear only in the document body. The strong element tells a user agent that the contained content should be given strong emphasis. Visually, this defaults to boldface From the Library of Wow! eBook HTML5 Syntax 39 type. The strong element and the anchor (a) element on the last line are both inline elements.

The HTML5 elements for marking up sections, divisions, headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, block quotes, address blocks, and code examples—to name a few—are all block elements. ). 5a. 5a: Box properties of block elements Imagine a cardboard shipping box. The cardboard shell is the “border” of the box, and it has a certain margin of space between it and the other boxes on the shelf. The inside of the box will accommodate an object of a certain height and width, plus whatever padding is desired to protect the object.

This is a common way to deal with the CSS problems Internet Explorer 6 causes due to its incomplete and buggy implementation of CSS. HTML comments are not effective inside a script or style element. JavaScript and CSS have their own syntax for comments. Both use a slashasterisk, asterisk-slash sequence to denote comments in the code: /* this is a CSS or JavaScript comment */ However, when both scripting and CSS were new, page authors enclosed everything inside a script or style element in HTML comment tags.

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